Belle & Blueberry
by Award-winning doll artist, Dottie Dunsmore

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I am pleased to introduce you to Belle & Blueberry an original porcelain doll and bear combination sculpted by acclaimed doll artist Dottie Dunsmore for the prestigious Master Piece Gallery company.

is a gorgeous little lady with the following qualities:

  • Stunningly expressive, deep blue eyes with separate lashes.
  • Beautifully blushed body included painted lips, cheeks, hands, and nails.
  • Lovely, blonde hair with curls that cascade down from her head to below her shoulders; soft bangs; and two braids that, if unwrapped, would cascade down her back. Her braids are bent into to stylish, little loops and tied up with soft, blue ribbons. The ribbons are accented with small, blue floral bouquets.
  • 21-inch, full length body. In her seated position she is approximately 15 inches.
  • She has a posable body: you can turn her head and move her arms.

  • A beautiful, soft blue cotton gown with floral and ribbon accents. A lovely, white, tulle slip that makes her skirt sit out more fully.
  • White pantaloons
  • White stocking/socks (I did not remove her clothing to see how high they go up her body.)
  • White patent leather shoes with white bows

Blueberry: A plush, light-blue, posable teddy bear

  • Belle & Blueberry arrive with the following items that will help them maintain their value.
  • Certificate of Authenticity (158/1,000)
  • Original hang tag
  • Original box (the box is not in perfect shape; but, it is the original box with the Belle & Blueberry's names.)
  • On her neck: Dottie Dunsmore's signature mark in 18kt gold and a handwritten number showing Belle's place in the limited edition.
  • numbered.

Artist and Product Description: Maryland artist Dottie is best known for little girls with a “take me home” look. A student of anatomy, she feels very strongly that dolls should be proportioned correctly and she strives for the realistic look of a sweet young child. Belle was created for the exclusive production by Masterpiece Gallery Limited Edition. She is meticulously hand painted. Her garment is made of fine quality materials and sewn by expert seamstresses. Belle and Blueberry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Thanks for purchasing this gorgeous doll and teddy bear,
Curiositeej, owner
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PACKING PROCESS: I have a 3-step packing process designed to help the dolls that I ship arrive in the same shape I shipped them. Because my packing process is more involved and uses more materials than other sellers, my shipping prices may be higher.

My packing process follows:

  1. I will protect the doll:.
    - If I ship the doll in its original box, I will ensure it is secured to the box. I will also cover any breakable parts with packing materials: bubble wrap, Styrofoam, etc.
    - If I do not ship the doll in its original box, I will wrap it in packing material: bubble wrap, Styrofoam, etc.
  2. If I have the original box, I will then place the doll in her original box. If I do not have the original box, I will add extra material around the doll and/or in the shipping box to reduce the chances of the doll being damaged. This material will be
    bubble wrap, paper, Styrofoam and/or other material.
  3. I will place the original box inside a larger box. I will add bubble wrap, paper, Styrofoam and/or other material between the original box and the shipping box to reduce the chances of the original box being damaged. This final step of using both extra materials and a larger box may increase my shipping costs; but, they will increase the chances that the doll will arrive undamaged.

Artist (limited edition) porcelain, retired, hard to find, htf

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Belle & Blueberry by Award-winning doll artist, Dottie Dunsmore, retired, htf, limited edition

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