Lil Kim: Why Black Dolls Are Important


Hello Beautiful People,

First of all, this post is not about blasting Lil Kim. I actually pray she is happy with the way she looks. She has invested hundreds of thousands of dolls and many hours of pain to look the way she does. This post is about the Lil Kims who are children and still have impressionable minds. This post is about helping them learn to love and respect themselves.


ALL children need to believe they can be anything they want to be. They need to believe they are valuable, intelligent, important, and beautiful. Unfortunately, in our society–and our world–Madison Mandela by Bruno Rossellini for the Great American Doll Companyit is harder for children of color to believe they have these qualities because our society bombards them with an Anglo versions of these qualities including:

  • The proper way to speak
  • The proper way to dress
  • The proper way to comb your hair
  • The proper way to eat
  • The proper way to express yourself
  • The proper way of being intelligent

This “proper way” usually fits the definition of how Anglos in our communities conduct themselves, how they look and dress, and what they feel is correct.  We have to reach out to our children and help them define their own ways of being valuable, intelligent, important, and beautiful. Dolls help our children to set these standards.

When a little boy of African descent sees a handsome, Barack Obama doll, he can imagine himself as the President of the US, as a lawyer, a good father, a loving husband, and a man who is worthy of power and respect! When a little African girl sees a Black Barbie astronaut, it helps her to dream of rising out of her conditions and reaching new educational and personal heights! She can imagine herself floating above this little blue planet and dancing amongst the stars! When a little Latina girl sees a girl sees a Latina doll who is a doctor, she can dream of being an important member of her community who saves the lives of others! But his is just the beginning!

When children see dolls that represent the beauty and power of their culture it helps them to appreciate their beauty. Imagine how rewarding it is for a little Lakota boy to see a doll dressed in traditional Lakota clothing! And, the natural hair movement is paving new ways for people of African descent to embrace the beautiful, curly texture of our hair. We are also wearing hairstyles that show pride for our African ancestry.
Madison Mandela doll by Bruno Rossellini
for The Great American Doll Company


DOLLS ARE MORE THAN TOYS: Dolls help us define who we are and who we can become. They help us understand our beauty and how to break through barriers.

UPLIFT YOUR CHILDREN: When you speak to your children, uplift them. Tell them they are important, wonderful, important, intelligent, and beautiful. If you believe in G-d, tell them how special they are—The Almighty G-d loved them and believed in them so much that he created them—just like her created the Sun that lights up the sky and warms our bodies–just like her created the Earth with all of the nutrients we need to survive.

LIL KIM: It saddens me to think that when Lil Kim was a child, there was nothing powerful enough in her life to help her embrace her beauty. She believed in her talent and became a famous entertainer; but, even that wasn’t enough to make her beautiful. I can’t imagine how horribly Lil Kim felt about her physical body.

Lil Kim: Before & After
Lil Kim: Before & After

TODAY”S CHILDREN: Let’s help today’s children learn to love themselves. Surround your children with positive people and things that help them to be the best they can be; help them to embrace their creative, intelligent minds; help them to be compassionate; help them to grow into adults who love themselves and are healthy, happy, positive members of society.

Much love & Many blessings to you all


Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles: My goal is to help all little girls feel good about themselves. I do so in many ways–including writing blogs and selling a diverse selection of dolls. Please visit my online doll store. I carry an eclectic assortment of dolls from the early 1900’s through today. My site is updated weekly; so, please visit often!

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