Misty Copeland: Why Black Dolls Are Important

Misty Copeland, First African American Principal Dancer for ABT

Hello Beautiful People,

This morning, Misty Copeland introduced the world to the Misty Copeland Barbie doll. This blog is written in celebration of Copeland’s achievements!

Misty Copeland Barbie Doll
Misty Copeland Barbie Doll (available at Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles)


Ballerina: In June of 2015, Copeland was promoted to a principal dancer for the prestigious American Ballet Theater (ABT). She became the first African American principle dancer. ABT has been in business for 75 years and is one of America’s top 3 classical ballet companies and one of the world’s most respected ballet companies.

Often, we think of ballet as the beautiful dance of the affluent. The top ballerinas usually begin dancing ballet when they are not much older than toddlers. Copeland’s history is the opposite.

Achievements: Copeland is not only a talented dancer, beautiful, and well spoken—she is a force to contend with! She is a professional public speaker, stage performer, celebrity spokesperson, and author. In 2015, Time named Copeland as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. But, Copeland struggled to be successful. Her story is much more that of Cinderella than the story of the princess born into privilege.

Childhood: Copeland began ballet lessons at the old age of 13. Yet, Copland had a gift: she was a child prodigy. In addition, she was blessed to be surrounded by mentors and instructors who cared deeply about her. At 15, she decided to take her art to the next level by attempting to enroll in a school that focused on ballet. Little did she know, she would receive a rejection letter that not only announced the denial of her application; but, it brutally attacked her young, developing body! The letter said she had “the wrong body for ballet”! In detail, it said she had the wrong feet, Achilles heel, tendons, turnout, torso length, and bust. And, she was too old to be starting at the school. Imagine how devastating you would have felt if you had discovered something you loved and were very good! Then, to be told your body was WRONG!

Misty Copeland's controversial body

Misty Copeland’s controversial body



Copeland also had a very chaotic childhood. I don’t want to dwell on her childhood. If you would like to know more about her childhood, I suggest you do an internet search.


Misty Copeland, the American Dreamer


American Dream: Copeland’s story is that of the American Dream: if you believe it, you can be it. So, Mattel releasing a Misty Copeland doll is very important! Her life is a story of perseverance and hope. Copeland is an important female and African American role model. When young African American children see the beautiful Misty Copeland and learn about Copeland’s determination, they can be uplifted and encourage to pursue their dreams.

Much love & Many blessings to you all


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