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Nikia, I AM Beautiful Doll Company

Hello Beautiful People,

Sunday, we celebrated the AMAZING mothers in our lives. In our country, “motherly” isn’t usually synonymous with “sexy”. In 1999, Georgette Taylor and her friend Audrey Bell-Kearney created the Big Beautiful Dolls (BBD) company and shook up the doll world! They introduced the first line of full figured fashion dolls: Dasia, Dawn, and Dena. These dolls stormed the doll world by garnering attention from both doll collectors and professional. They were written about in magazines and even earned a nomination for Doll of the Year in 2002!

Big Beautiful Dolls: Dasia, Dawn, Dena
Big Beautiful Dolls

WHY WERE THE DOLLS SO POPULAR? These little ladies challenged the definition of beauty. Prior to the release of BBDs, most dolls, in the world of fashion, tended to be young women with unhuman-like and/or unhealthy proportions: the dolls were too thin and their bodies were over sexualized. They represented qualities that were unattainable by the human form. BBDs challenged beauty by representing mature, full-figured women who are seen as wise and motherly; but, BBDs put a spin on the motherly. They represent the pride that comes with accepting the beauty of our rounded bodies! BBDs are voluptuous with full breasts, wide hips, round bottoms, and meaty thighs! They are the embodiment of PHAT: pretty, hot, and tempting!


Dasia, Big Beautiful Doll Company
Dasia, Pretty, Hot & Tempting!

I love the BBD dolls because they reminds me of so many of the Big Beautiful Women in my life. They remind me of my grandmother and my aunts: big, beautiful, strong women with kind and caring hearts. Women who carried my family and raised generations of children: their children, cousin’s children, sibling’s children, grandchildren, and even the neighbor’s children. These women held our communities together. Often, they were both Mama and Daddy!


DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS: Taylor and Bell-Kearney did a great job of accentuating their dolls with details! Their sculpt includes: elegantly poised hands with individual fingers; their fingernails and toenails are painted. Their faces are well contoured with high-full cheeks. They have warm eyes with painted on lashes and eye shadow; their noses are round, and their full-lips are painted with lipstick. Their hair is styled as an updo with lovely, tight curls. Even the soles of their feet are slightly arched!

Dena, Big Beautiful Doll Company
Dena, Big Beautiful Doll Company

The dolls also come with crystal-like jewelry. I bought my dolls about a year ago. They were extras, so they did not arrive with the detailed gowns and feather boas the dolls wore when they were originally released.


RE-RELEASING DASIA, DENA, AND DAWN: Taylor is re-releasing Dasia, Dena, and Dawn. The dolls are currently priced at the AMAZING price of $38 plus shipping! They do not include clothes, but don’t let that worry you, there is a good-sized BBD fan base. They share tips and tricks for making cloths and shoes for the dolls; and some of them even sell clothing and shoes for the dolls!


INTRODUCING NIKIA: Taylor has created a new company, I AM Beautiful Doll Company, and is releasing a line of “Body Art” dolls. Her first doll is called Nikia: a sexy lady, proudly attired in lingerie designed by body artist Georgette Pressler.

Nikia, I AM Beautiful Doll Company
Nikia, I AM Beautiful Doll Company

Nikia was showcased in the 2015 Detroit Doll show and people raved about her! Nikia is a limited edition doll, who arrives information that collectors look for, including: a signature; a certificate of authentication (COA), limited edition trading card featuring Nikia and Pressler; and a box and stand.

Taylor and Nikia
Georgette Taylor and Nikia

To order Nikia, visit:

Much love & Many blessings to you all

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  1. These dolls I love. They look like me, plus sized.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Denise! I love them also! I really appreciate seeing dolls that go beyond the traditional, very limited standard of beauty and encompass the world of beauty!

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