Dolls that Celebrate and Empower Disabled Children

Image from BJD Confessions ( )  original image at Tales of Karen (

Hello Beautiful People,

You’ve seen me talk a good deal about the importance of Black dolls. Today, I want to speak about dolls that are for those of us who are physically different. My youngest daughter suffers with a chronic pain condition. Most days, you cannot look at her and see her pain; but, there are times when she has to use her wheelchair.

I salute my daughter and the other children who suffer with pain and other physical ailments.

I was reminded today of how special important it is to uplift our children who suffer from physical ailments. I leave you with two videos:



The featured image of the doll in the wheelchair is from BJD Confessions. The image is an edited version of a doll from Tales of Karen.

Much love & Many blessings to you all,

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