Free Paper Dolls for National Doll Day


Hello Beautiful People,

I’m celebrating National Doll Day, the first Sunday in August, by adding free paper dolls to my store! I really love paper dolls; and I did a lot of searching to come up with a fun collection of paper dolls. The dolls should appeal to all doll lovers!


paper_doll_toddlerToddler boy paper doll from How to Be a Dad (

Some of the links will take you to pages that have a number of paper dolls, while others will take you to individual dolls. The dolls range from: children to adult dolls; fashion dolls to whimsical dolls; and both male and female dolls! I’ve even include a few templates; so you can make your own doll!

You can locate these dolls at my online store: Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles (

Note: The East Indian paper doll shown as the featured image was found at: Paper Dolls and Toys’ wordpress





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