Why Olympians Bite Gold Medals!


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If you are like me, you are asking yourself: “Why do the Olympic athletes bite their gold medals?”

Simone-Biles-Gold-Medal_inquisitr-940x545Photo of Simone Biles. I’m not sure who took the photo. I found it in a story on inquisitir.com

I found the answers:

  • Apparently, photographers request that Olympians bite the medals because people like the photographs that result from the pose.
  • People who pan for gold bite down on gold rocks to determine if the rocks are gold. The reason for this is, human teeth are harder than gold. If a person bites doen on gold, the gold will give. Human teeth are NOT harder than pyrite (fool’s gold). So if the person bites down on pyrite, the pyrite will NOT give! Cool! I learned something new today! If you want to read an article where I got my information, click here.


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