Le Petit Prince by Troy Gua

Prince: The Musician, The Writer, The Man, The Doll

Hello Beautiful People, The last 24+ hours have been crazy with the news of Prince’s death. Stories are now being told about how he was so much more than a musician. He was a phenomenal song writer who wrote songs that became hits for Chaka Khan, Sinead O’Connor, Stevie Nicks,…

Cinderella 2 by Marina Bychkova

So, You Think You Want to Own A Business: Follow Your Passion

Hello Beautiful People, We live in a time when many people DESIRE to be entrepreneurs but are afraid to take the leap to make it happen. Even though I am an entrepreneur, I am still timid in my business. I am still overcoming hurdles within myself. I know these hurdles…


So, You Think You Want to Own A Business: Taxes

Hello Beautiful People,   I haven’t written about owning a business for a while. I thought I’d write a quick piece about TAXES! If you are going into retail, where you will be buying and selling individual items, I cannot stress enough how important it is to for you to…

Asha, Shani: Soul Train line

Shani: Mattel’s First Doll with African Features!

Hello Beautiful People, Today, I thought I would continue our Barbie Celebration with another important African- American Barbie line: Shani.   In 1991, Mattel introduced Shani (Swahili for “Marvelous”), a beautiful African American doll. Her launch party was a huge celebration and included press coverage entertainment by En Vogue! The…

First Barbie, photo from Mashable.com

First Barbie Commercial

Hello Beautiful People, I thought I would share something nostalgic about Barbie. I went on a hunt to see if I could find some fun Barbie facts. What I found, on youtube, was the first Barbie commercial! What a hoot! The photo below is of one of the original Barbies….

Solving 43-10 in 7 steps!


Hello Beautiful People,   CAN YOU SOLVE 43-10 IN 8 STEPS? … Recently, a friend of mine, posted on his FB page, a video showing a woman explaining Common Core subtraction. If you want to see the video, click here. I was puzzled by the information. She completed the problem…

Francie, 1967


Hello Beautiful People, Mattel is making some loud noise in the world of diversity! I wanted to bring attention to one of Barbie’s most significant year for African Americans. It was Barbie’s 50th year! Usually, the color associated with a 50th anniversary is gold; but, for many lovers of Black…


Barbie’s face over the years

Hello Beautiful People, With the excitement over the new line of Barbie Fashionistas, I started wondering how has Barbie’s face transitioned over the years. I did a little research on the internet and found, I was not alone. Many people have asked the same question. Here is a photo by…


Stuck! Let’s Get UNSTUCK Together!

Hello Beautiful People, I have to apologize to you; but, I have to apologize more to me. I have been stuck in a rut for a few months. I was blessed with a number of incredible opportunities this year! A Sister/friend of mine invited me to join her in her…

photo of Mattel's Barbie 2016 Fashionistas

Which New Barbie Fashionista is Your Favorite?!

Hello Beautiful People, You know, I can’t own a doll store and NOT talk about one of the hottest topics in dolls today! That topic is the new Barbie line! Mattel has definitely increased its competitive edge by diversifying its Fashionista line. These new Barbies are beautiful! If you are…