Photo of Tammy Fisher.
Photo of Tammy Fisher.

About Tammy

Introduction: Thank you for stopping by and sharing some time with me on my Curiositeej, LLC website!

My name is Tammy Fisher. I have been a professional in the doll arena for over a decade. During this time, I have held many titles including doll store owner, doll expert/advocate, podcaster, artist, and writer/editor. I created this website as an information management tool to showcase my eclectic set of skills and networks.

Goals: My goals are to:

  • Increase the number of diverse dolls and diverse doll creators worldwide.

  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals/organizations to create services, tools, and products that increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and empathy worldwide in creative and doll-adjacent spaces.

Bio/CV: This page discusses my work experiences and skills:

  • Recent Writing Experience

  • Writing Career

  • Web Designer

  • Artist

Bio/CV: This page discusses my work experiences and skills:

Doll Expert /Advocate

Dolls Heal: My professional doll journey began about a decade ago when my youngest child was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. My child was unable to attend school because of the pain. I noticed I could tell how my child was feeling based on the dolls they played with.

When they were in a lot of pain, they would play quietly with a baby doll. They would sit, rock, and hold the baby. When they missed school, they would create a mock classroom with their 18-inch dolls. They would sit the dolls in rows and place notebooks in front of the dolls. Then, my child would teach them. When they missed their friends, they would turn on the Monster High (MH) television show. Then, they would take their MH and Barbie dolls and create scenarios that ran along with the show.

logo for Curiositeej, LLC
logo for Curiositeej, LLC

Doll Store: Three things became clear: 1) my child's pain was not going to be short-lived; 2) the treatments would be expensive: my family paid $20K in medical expenses--that were not covered by our medical insurance; and, 3) we had no idea when/if our child would return to school. So, we had to create a way for our child to successfully earn a living as an adult. I knew our child loved dolls; so, I created Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles. The intent was that my child would become an entrepreneur and successfully run the doll store.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Empathy: As I searched for products to purchase for the store, I met people who were doing amazing work helping Black children build their self-esteem via dolls. These people included doll makers in South Africa and Botswana as well as advocates in the US, Britain, Senegal, Ghana, and France. I created networks and collaborations with them.

Doll Expert: Over time, I became knowledgeable about dolls. I often purchased dolls that had distinctive or unique features. I learned that these dolls were normally made by artists. Part of learning to list and price the dolls included learning about the background and history of the artists and their dolls. I also bought and appraised dolls for other people.


2019-2021: I started the media company In The Doll World Media, LLC. I co-founded a podcast that uplifted DEI in doll spaces. During my time with the podcast, I was also the co-executive producer and co-host. As of late 2021, the podcast had been downloaded in more than a third of the world's countries. We had also interviewed people from every continent--except Antarctica. The shows have been downloaded 10,000+ times.

Legacy: I left the podcast to pursue other opportunities. Some of my most important work as part of the podcasts includes:

  • Covid pandemic: I initiated our effort to capture the global impacts of the Covid pandemic--including interviewing Jozef Szekeres, a doll-maker who lived in China during the height of the crisis.

  • Black Doll Celebration: I created an annual Black doll celebration. I recruited the international line-up of doll professionals and coordinated international doll giveaways.

  • Pride Festival: I created an annual Pride Festival. I recruited a diverse group of LGBTQ+ doll lovers and professionals. We discussed dolls as well as issues that daily impact the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Author/Editor: I wrote the foreword for the book Doll Photography by Polish doll photographer, Izabela Kwella. I also edited Doll Photography. In addition, I wrote a variety of press releases and magazine articles. For details and samples of my work, visit Recent Writing Experience.

Photo of participants in the 2021 Pride Festival. Top left, doll maker, Joey Versaw. Top Right, doll customizer and LGBTQ+ advocate, HeXtian. Middle, doll customizer and diorama maker, Jacquie Anderson. Bottom left, doll-comic creator, Aiden Prince. Bottom right, vintage-doll collector, Raymond Paul Leslie, aka Ray the Unusual.

Recent Writing Experience

Doll Photography, a collboration between me and Izabela Kwella, was released in December 2021. Izabela is a Polish architect, doll photographer, and author. Izabela wrote the text and took the photographs for the book. I edited the text and wrote the foreword.

See video below for details about Doll Photography.

Writing Career

Photo of Tammy Fisher
Photo of Tammy Fisher

I have over 20 years of professional writing experience. I have written pieces for a variety of audiences from children to adults. My library of work includes technical and training documentation, journalistic pieces, marketing and advertising material, web copy, and poetry. As a writer, I have been employed directly by companies, worked as a freelancer, and I have served as a contractor. The majority of my technical writing experience was for Fortune 500 companies.

I have also written a variety of technical documents for a company that works primarily with librarians. In my time at this company, I served as a writer/product manager and managed the entire lifecycle of documents.

Web Designer

Over the years, I have created websites for both internal portals for Fortune 500 companies and for smaller companies.

In 2020, I created a website for In The Doll World™ (ITDW). This site was recognized by Feedspot as the top website for the doll podcast category for 2020-2022, the years I maintained the site. I configured the website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. As a result, internet searches for "doll podcast" retrieved information about podcast on the first page.

I developed my SEO skills from writing and testing documents used to train librarians to effectively search systems and retrieve information.


Photo of Mother, an digital collage created by Tammy Fisher a.k.a teej.
Photo of Mother, an digital collage created by Tammy Fisher a.k.a teej.

As an active member of my state's art community, I have had the opportunity to join a variety of groups and to exhibit in many shows. Some of the most outstanding parts of my art journey are times spent volunteering with children in the foster care system and being appointed by Mayor Richard Berry to serve on the City of Albuquerque's Art Board.

Foster Care: I became connected with my state's foster care system as a volunteer for a multi-state organization, the Adoption Exchange, that helps children find forever homes. Initially, I served on the local board. Then, I became a photographer for the international Heart Gallery. After working with the children, I wanted to include them in my art journey. So, I hosted a couple of art parties where they could access free supplies and create art. The art was then displayed in the Hardwood Art Gallery. The show was called, Happiness is ...

Albuquerque Art Board: I was also appointed by Albuquerque's Mayor Berry to the city's Art Board. The Board is responsible for running the city's multi-million dollar art assets.

Art is extremely important to me because it allows us to communicate beyond the barriers of culture and languages. I am blessed to live in New Mexico, a state dedicated to artists and their art. I create art under the name teej.

... and i'll show you mine

shhh ..., an assemblage created by Tammy Fisher, aka teej.
shhh ..., an assemblage created by Tammy Fisher, aka teej.

In April 2006, I held a solo art show at Harwood Arts Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.