About Us

Curiositeej is an online store that sells your favorite dolls from the early 1900’s to today, including: Uneeda, Ideal, Horsman, Fisher Price, Mattel, and new dolls like The A Girls from Botswana, Africa! Our dolls range from vintage dolls made from metal, porcelain, and wood (composition) to plastic and vinyl! Some of our dolls are toys, while others are teaching tools, and others are collectibles!

Curiositeej began as a way to create "Rainbows" and "Magic Moments" for my daughter. At the age of 6, she developed a chronic pain condition. By the time she was 10-years old, her pain became so intense, it led to her being hospitalized; having to use a wheelchair; and having to attend online school. Her constant, intense pain restricted not only her movements, but also her interactions with her peers. We found play and art help her manage her pain and loss.

When she was younger, she created elaborate worlds and stories with her dolls. As she has gotten older, her play has grown into artistic expressions including singing, drawing, and repainting dolls. Curiositeej
allows my daughter and I to combine our love for each other and dolls--and we have fun while doing so!

Thanks, teej

Favorite Magic Moment: Meeting Emmy Raver-Lampman after a performance of the musical “Wicked”. Emmy took a couple of photos with my daughter and signed my daughter’s OOAK Elphaba doll! That was a Wickedly Magical Moment!

Curiositeej carries an eclectic, culturally diverse assortment of new dolls. We purchase dolls from owners around the World! We seek out high quality, beautiful, well-loved dolls. New dolls have their original paperwork, and they have not been played with.  Curiositeej also searches for new doll producers. We were honored to debut our store with Taofick Okoya's Queens of Africa and Naija Princesses dolls. Curiositeej was one of the first stores in the USA to carry Okoya's lovely, African ladies! Curiositeej was also the first store in the US to debut the A Girls dolls from Botswana, Africa.

Why Curiositeej?
Many people have asked me why we named the doll store Curiositeej. The answer is two-fold.

Preferred Name: We narrowed the name of the store down to two possibilities. We presented the two names and asked our friends and family to vote on the names. They chose Curiositeej! The most common reason for choosing Curiositeej was they thought it was catchy! The other reason is that it includes my name: teej

Perfect Name: The other reason we named the store Curiositeej is it describes me: I am curious and my name is teej! One of the things I love about owning a doll store is it gives me permission to spend hours researching dolls! I continue to be amazed with the importance of dolls—not only as toys and teaching tools—but as storytellers of history! For instance, did you know that prior to the Victorian era, most European dolls had brown eyes? When the blue-eyed Victoria began ruling the United Kingdom, doll eyes were painted to reflect those of the new Queen.