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Introduction: I am so excited you decided to stop by and share some time with me on my Curiositeej, LLC and In The Doll World Media, LLC website!

My name is Tammy Fisher. I have been a professional in the doll arena for about a decade. In this time, I have held a number of titles including doll store owner, podcast host, artist, and writer/editor. I created this website as a information management tool to showcase my eclectic set of skills and my networks.

Goal: My goal is to interact with sponsors and others who would like to support and/or collaborate with me and my international network of childcare experts and doll professionals to create services, tools, and products that help increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and empathy worldwide in creative and doll-adjacent spaces.

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Smarty Pants Academy Collaboration

I am excited to announce my latest collaboration. It is with Smarty Pants Academy, a daycare/preschool provider that supports families and children in at-risk communities in the metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado.

Our goal is to create a multi-level educational environment. It will begin with an online educational portal that provides learning materials for preschool- and Kindergarten-aged children. The materials will meet the current expectations for Colorado preschool and Kindergarten programs. As we continue to grow the program, our goals include adding books and toys as well as adding materials for older children.

For updates about this collaboration, click here.

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Praying for safety and peace for all of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. I added the brown edges to the Ukrainian flag to show support for all of the people in Ukraine--regardless of their skin color. 

Reputable sources like CNN, BBC, Reuters, and France 24 are sharing information about people of color suffering racism while trying to escape Ukraine. I pray this comes to an end. I am asking the UN and other powers to please investigate the situation. If you find racism, please put an end to it. Racism MUST stop. It is inexcusable. 

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#SouthEastAsiansinUkraine #peaceforukraine #cnn #bbc #reuters #france24
I just read an interesting article by Xavier Harding, a writer for Mozilla. The article is about camera technology and how it is biased to take better photos of Caucasians and lighter-skinned people. I found the article both interesting and saddening. 

Twenty-five years ago, when my then-fiancé and I were looking for an engagement and wedding photographer, Roy Bracamonte, a photographer in Phoenix, AZ, told us about this camera bias. Roy told us to ask photographers to show us photos they had taken of Black- and racially-mixed groups of people. He said a person who is unfamiliar with taking photos of diverse groups of people might take photos that would leave my white fiancé washed out or me dark with few details. 

Harding’s article links to other interesting information, including how the biased technology impacts Black people in other ways. One of the articles talks about the difficulty Amaya, a young African American student, had with taking an online test. Amaya wanted to take a practice Biology test, but, for some reason she couldn't get the test to work. She tried a number of things before realizing the issue: the technology that needed to “see” her to ensure she was not cheating, could not see her. It took her 45 minutes to create a work around allowing the camera to see her. The test took her only 30 minutes to complete. She spent more time working with camera technology than taking the practice test!

Check out the articles here:
-	Harding’s article: 
-	Amaya’s short video:

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One of my most favorite things from 2021 was the opportunity to work with the incredible Izabela Kwella (@bella_belladoll) on her photography book, entitled Doll Photography! Izabela wrote the book and provided the photographs. I hopped along as the editor. I also was blessed with the privilege of writing the foreword!

I loved the re-entry into writing. Though I am a professional writer and editor, I haven't written much since I started maternity leave--22 years ago: LOL! So, working with Izabela was AMAZING! 

Our work re-ignited my spark for writing. I plan on writing a book within the next 12-to-18 months.

Izabela, thank you so much & much love.
Happy 2022! 

I'm excited to see what the new year has in store for us.

Much love & Many Blessings,
Tammy & Curiositeej™

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