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We are updating the store with new products!

Thanks for dropping by Curiositeej™ Dolls & Collectibles! We are in the process of adding new products to the store!

Some of the items that will be added first include:

  • Daddy Long Leg dolls: Many are the first in their series. Most of these dolls come from the collection of Karen Germany, the woman who created Daddy Long Legs dolls, and her mother!
  • C.E.D. dolls: These dolls are all limited editions. Some are from editions as small as 25! They have the COAs, stands, signed boxes, and shippers. These dolls were created by Doug James and Laura Meisner.
  • Gene Marshall dolls: Many of these dolls are in their original boxes, with the COAs, and stands. Also, a number of them are signed by their creator, Mel Odom.
  • Make it Mine dolls: Many of these dolls are signed by Paulette Goodreau. These dolls were created by Paulette and Annette Goodreau.


In The Doll World™

Please visit my other business, In The Doll World™! It is a wonderful podcast and YouTube channel! My co-owner/co-host, Georgette Taylor, and I have interviewed an exciting assortment of doll professionals including big names like Mel Odom, Robert Tonner, and Stacey McBride-Irby. We have also interviewed a number of smaller artists and doll experts. We have interviewed people with links to the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Finland, and Britain! We are in the process of scheduling interviews with people in Russia, Italy, the Netherland, and Germany! In The Doll World™ brings your favorite doll people to you!


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