Smarty Pants Collaboration

I am excited to announce my latest collaboration. It is with Smarty Pants Academy, a daycare/preschool provider that supports families and children in at-risk communities in the metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado.

Please visit this page often to receive updates on the collaboration.

Smarty Pants Collaboration Goal

The goal of the Smarty Pants Academy and Curiositeej, LLC collaboration is to create a multi-level educational environment. It will begin with an online educational portal that provides learning materials for preschool- and Kindergarten-aged children. The materials will meet the current expectations for Colorado preschool and Kindergarten programs. As we continue to grow the program, our goals include adding books and toys as well as adding materials for older children.

We are currently working on the following goals:

  • Researching.

  • Creating business plan.

  • Creating list of deliverables.

  • Creating a web presence for Smarty Pants Academy.

Smarty Pants Academy, Colorado's logo.

Introduction to Smarty Pants Academy

History: Smarty Pants Academy, formally Young Enthusiastic Scholars, was founded in 2004 on the principles that parents should have quality, reliable and affordable childcare. Our goal is to prepare children for their future by giving them tools and experience to navigate life. I, Tamara James, am the owner and director of Smarty Pants Academy, and I am the only stakeholder of the company.

Mission: The mission of Smarty Pants Academy is to provide high-quality early care, education, and out-of-school programming to children ages 2 1/2 years through age 13.

Vision: Our vision is to work in partnership with families and our community to provide a developmentally-appropriate learning community which promotes and supports the growth of the “whole child”, to instill a love of learning, and to assist our families and community in making their dreams come true.

Our Philosophy: Our philosophy is that a truly, high-quality Center provides excellent early care, education, and a high-level of health and safety, as well as opportunities for parental education and involvement.

Warm, supportive, and respectful relationships between adults and children lie at the heart of an effective partnership between parent and school. We believe that early care and education (ECE) centers can and must be places where children, parents and caregivers, and teachers alike can feel a sense of belonging and safety. These are the key values of our program.

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